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Bowhunting UK is diligently working to replace the right to harvest appropriate species with the traditional bow and arrow. A right unjustly and unfathomably revoked in 1965. Through petitioning, education and conversation we look forward to this food gathering and wildlife conservation and management tool being placed legally back in the hands of UK hunters. 

The earliest archeological findings of the bow and arrow date back to 2700 BC near my own birth place in Somerset. the earliest records in the world date back around 3000 BC in Egypt. so to say England has a rich history of archery is certainly putting it mildly. From ancient mythologies featuring philanthropist warriors of the people in the guise of Robin Hood to the real life accomplishments of english bowyers in creating our iconic long bows of old. Our history and that of the humble bow and arrow are interwoven.

Remarkably the use of bow and arrow in the pursuit of harvesting game have been abolished. Though a rich culture thrives in some of our closest allied nations including but not limited to America, France, Denmark, Italy, Portugal, Hungary, Finland, Bulgaria and Australia. Countries as alike in morality and compassion as any other can be. To find the stipulations surrounding the ban of bowhunting under grounds of inhumanity I find baffling. Season after season morally minded hunters harvest game species in the aforementioned countries proving said claims false. With adequate poundage and projectile a hunters obligations are fulfilled. Moreover the ability to get within adequate range, using acquired tracking skills encourages and nurtures an ethos that's apparent upon inspecting the communities that employ such methods.

The reasons people choose the bow over a rifle are varied. Some are enamored by the cultural affiliation, some detest firearms, others relish the incredible challenges endured in the pursuit of game. whichever the reason we strongly feel their right to do so in a responsible manner be restored. If you agree we ask that you sign our petition and show your support by signing the petition at the top right of the page.

Many thanks and happy hunting.


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It's imperative to train and improve technique and accuracy. Making on target shots is the obligation of every bowhunter. Knowing your mark and hitting it efficiently is of the utmost importance. Find a local club and make yourself one with your bow.


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Knowing which game species you're hunting, When you can hunt them and how to do so is of vital importance. Get to know your quarry. Acquiring a well rounded knowledge will make you a successful hunter and nourish a deep sense of respect and admiration for the animal, your food and the environment.



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